A4 Gallery Tokyo

A4 Gallery, Tokyo | spring 2013

Graphic designer and exhibition designer for rear room: responsible for design, layout, and production of all graphic components in full show and design and graphics of rear room, describing the context of student work production in Gund Hall, Cambridge, MA.

The Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD) exhibition proposes further recategorizations and new cross-references among the GSD’ s diverse output over the academic year of 2011-2012. This organization was introduced as a framework that intentionally differs from the departmental and course structure of the School, with the aim of presenting a transversal reading of our programs that highlights both disciplinary concerns and shared explorations. The student work is repositioned to connect the work of the School through collections of like formats and processes of production. The literal overlaps of the work in the exhibition, and perhaps unexpected adjacencies, reveal the complexities with which the design disciplines increasingly contend.  The work is displayed on all sides of inhabitable structures – passages, platforms, overhangs – bringing the visitor into the collection of works as much as the content.

Exhibit Curator:  Mariana Ibañez, Associate Professor of Architecture Harvard Graduate School of Design

Layout/Design:  Ben Brady, Megan Panzano

Exhibit Production + Installation:  A4 Gallery Team (+ contractors)

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