See/Saw is a trio of interrelated optical objects that each contain a secret.

The design of these geometric objects suspends a two-for-one in each.  Their cross-section articulation produces a geometric object with mass that carries weight when hand-held.  Their digitally-fabricated aesthetic also conceals another geometry contained within – an image that appears only as the containing mass is rotated and optically disappears.  Different vantage points relative to each object reveals this ‘other.’  A solid cube hides within a sphere, a voided sphere is nestled within a pyramid, and a pyramid in profile is buried within a cube.  They have to be played with, tumbled, to see (and then not see) what you saw.

The drawn representations of See/Saw appear to blush as they rotate, revealing something hidden.

Prototyping in process…


Project Team

Design: Megan Panzano with Jihyun Ro, Adam Strobel

Fabrication: Bill Bancroft + WIT 3DPrinting Laboratory

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