Patterns in Architecture

Patterns: Cases in Synthetic Intelligence

Harvard Graduate School of Design | Gund Hall, fall 2008

Exhibit Designer + Contributor responsible for graphic design, exhibit layout + production

Establishing links between otherwise disparate cultural, intellectual, and technological categories has long been the job of the architect. The ability to create relationships where none existed before is integral to both the production and experience of architecture. As a result of their increasingly sophisticated logic, appearance and application, patterns can promote this synthetic activity. Advanced patterns combine a variety of materials, performance requirements, environmental factors, sensibilities, elastic geometries, optical effects and kinetic forces. Their redundancy encourages technical precision, but because they do not discriminate among scales, materials, and applications, they are capable of absorbing numerous demands and desires into a vibrant, intricate and aesthetically consistent whole.

Curator: Paul Andersen, Design Critic in Architecture Harvard GSD with David Salomon, Visiting Critic, Cornell Architecture

Design: Megan Panzano (content contributor), Katy Barkan, and Kimberly Cooney 

Department of Exhibitions and Publications: Melissa Vaughn, Dan Borelli, and Shannon Stecher 

Graphic Production:  Jared May, Diane Rhyu, David Stuart

Fabrication and Installation:  Frank Braman, Jef Czekaj, Jack Mauch, David Stuart, and Joanna Vouriotis 

This exhibition was generously supported by Mohsen Mostafavi, Dean of the GSD, and Scott Cohen, Chair of the Department of Architecture.  With thanks to Chris Hight, Sanford Kwinter, Ciro Najle, and Lluis Ortega.

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