On Objecthood

Interior Matters Exhibit, curated by Kiel Moe, Associate Professor of Architecture and Energy, Harvard GSD 

Loeb Library, Harvard Graduate School of Design  |  spring 2016

A pair of projects, one speculative, A Living Archive, and one soon-to-be-built, Stowaway House,  investigate the incorporation of objects as a vital architectural medium.  Centralizing the oft abject object within the architectural interior offers durational variation and spatial effects new to living space. Simply, this potentially marginal matter matters in the shaping of architectural form and spatial activation.  These projects promote the paradox of an architectural escape out of objecthood through objects.

Curator:  Kiel Moe, Associate Professor of Architecture and Energy, Co-Director, Master in Design Studies program and Co-Director, Energy, Environments & Design Research Lab, Harvard GSD

Exhibited Works:  Megan Panzano, studioPM;  Jon Lott, PARA Project; John May, Millions

Exhibit photos: Justin Knight

with special thanks to Dan Borelli (Director of Exhibitions), David Zimmerman-Stuart (GSD Exhibitions), Rachel Vroman (GSD Fabrication Lab), Chris Hansen (GSD Fabrication Lab), the GSD Exhibitions team, Mariana Ibañez, and Kiel Moe.

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