New Trajectories: Croatia + Slovenia

New Trajectories: Contemporary Architecture in Croatia & Slovenia

Harvard Graduate School of Design | Gund Hall, fall 2008

Graphic designer and exhibition installer with team:  responsible for original map components, layered graphic lightboxes, and collaboration on construction/installation of show

Our views of the design discipline are primarily informed by a set of dominant practices.  Despite shifting contemporary sensibilities and a growing concern for the history of other cultures, we have been slow in unraveling what one might call minor or emergent practices in different parts of the world, including the most developed nations.  This exhibition, the first of a series exploring new trajectories, seeks to address this imbalance.  Croatia and Slovenia both have a long tradition of architecture and urbanism.  This exhibition investigates the similar level of attention and interest devoted to architecture in both countries while also illuminating the comparative differences between their conditions of architectural production.

Mariana Ibañez, Exhibition Curator and Assistant Professor of Architecture

Department of Exhibitions and Publications:  Melissa Vaughn, Dan Borelli, Shannon Stecher

Layout/Design: Justin Huxol, Terah Maher, Jennifer Myers, Megan Panzano

Graphic production:  Frank Braman, David Stuart

Fabrication and installation: Jesse Beecher, Frank Braman, Jerome Chou, Jef Czekaj, Jack Mauch, Matt Weinberg, David Stuart

Responsive light-boxes: Simon Kim, Sigurdur Orn Adaigeirsson


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