The World’s Best Design Cities 2017

[From Metropolis] For our annual cities issue, we analyzed two years of Metropolis coverage to identify the urban centers where architecture and design are flourishing. We take a critical look at 15 cities, examining their achievements and challenges and highlighting the advocates who are moving forward.

It’s not just history that hems in immortal design longings in Boston. In addition to an aesthetic traced by four centuries of history, Boston-based designers must also wrangle an uncommonly high level of urban density. Both are burden and birthright. “At first glance, a designer might look at these factors as baggage,” says Megan Panzano, Boston architect and design critic in architecture at the GSD. “But these are also the constraints that could make architecture in Boston so successful. It’s a legacy that has the potential to spur innovation and drive us to find more appropriate forms and language for this city.

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