GSD Platform 5

Harvard Graduate School of Design | Gund Hall, spring 2013

Exhibit Designer responsible for design, layout, construction + fabrication drawings

Developed as a working curation of the environment of the Graduate School of Design, the Platform 5 exhibition was designed to present various lenses through which to view the School in the academic year of 2011-2012, its present trajectories, and its future directions. The student work is repositioned to connect the work of the School through collections of like formats and processes of production.  The literal overlaps of the work in the exhibition, and perhaps unexpected adjacencies, reveal the complexities with which the design disciplines increasingly contend. The content displayed is encoded, using colored lines and work descriptions, with the categorized section where it may be found in the accompanying Platform 5 book. The result is a “barcode” of sorts, encrypted with the academic design investigations unique to this academic year.

Exhibition Curator: Mariana Ibañez, Associate Professor of Architecture, Harvard Graduate School of Design

Lead Designer: Megan Panzano (MArch ’10)

Editorial Team + Art Collection: Gabrielle Patawarn (MArch ’13) – Editor, Alison Von Glinow (MArch ’13) – Editor, Fareez Giga (MArch ’13) – Editor, Ben Brady (MArch ’12), and Jeremy Jih (MArch ’12)

GSD Exhibitions Team: Dan Borelli, David Stuart Zimmerman

Model Photography:  Anita Kan

Image Production: Megan Panzano, David Stuart Zimmerman, Frank Braman, and Lara Mehling

Fabrication: Pierce Aluminum, Hart Supply and ICL-Imaging

Installation: Frank Braman, Ray Coffey, Charles Crowell, Jef Czekaj, Anita Kan, Sara Lubin, Lara Mehling, Matt Murphy, Reid Schwartz, Sara Uziel, and Joanna Vouriotis

Exhibit photos: Justin Knight + Megan Panzano

Special Thanks: Mohsen Mostafavi, Pat Roberts, Benjamin Prosky, Preston Scott Cohen, Charles Waldheim, Rahul Mehrotra, Martin Bechtold, Sanford Kwinter, Felipe Correa, Simon Kim, and Melissa Vaughn


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