Face Your Frankenstein

Face Your Frankenstein is an essay, digitally published with Section Cut, about wrangling the beast of a career you’ve managed to create on your own.

For me, this situation has resulted in a growing list of design projects with a diversity of scale, project emphasis, scheduling needs, and types of client engagement. An assembly of asynchronic inputs requiring very different outputs at different rates and with different degrees of resolution. This conglomeration of design projects is my Frankenstein – disparate project parts that come together to work as a whole being – a design practice – and hopefully one that has enough character, health, and energy to stretch life expectancy to its maximum. I continuously tinker with the pieces of my Frankenstein – ever searching for ways to increase efficiency and unite the disparate elements into a cogent whole. This essay is an attempt to extract and reflect on how I have mediated between the various design problems entrusted to me – to research and think about how to make the management of my practice better, and hopefully, extend its life.  This effort is a design project supreme: how to creatively structure your own practice so that it works for you, and not the other way around.

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