Drawing Attention, London

“Views, with Rooms:  New Digital Perspectives” re-presents a triptych of original representations critiquing the limits of one point linear perspective imaging through a digital set rendered in complementary colors of blue and yellow.  See also Architectural Artifacts

invited for exhibition at Drawing Attention show at The Roca Gallery, London UK on view from Sept 2019 – Jan 2020 run in conjunction with the London Design Festival

Drawing Attention was curated by Jeremy Ficca, Associate Professor + Director DFAB at Carnegie Mellon University, Amy Kulper, Associate Professor at RISD School of Architecture + Grace LaProfessor of Architecture, Harvard Graduate School of Design

A zoomed-in look at three filters enforced by linear perspective, architecture’s oldest representational convention whose set-up is simulated in digital software, reveals contemporary alternatives. Each representation here leverages computational capacities to assemble more spatial information than usual but does so to question specific limits of perspective presets common to 3D modeling programs.

An interior perspective view was digitally modeled to re-present three new images.  The three-dimensionality of each of these digital perspectives is rendered in complementary colors of blue and yellow.  Blue is primary within the RGB color model – three colors of light comprising what is seen on a digital screen.  Complementary colors, understood to cancel each other out to white, here highlight the departure from familiar flat images on white paper to newer deeper layers of information found by examining how digital presets filter vision.


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