Boston YMCA

Boston YMCA for Government Center Greenway |  Boston, MA | Harvard GSD | fall 07
published, GSD Studioworks

The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, comprised of 30 acres of parks and green space, was the final phase of Boston’s Central Artery/Tunnel Project (“The Big Dig”) – the largest and most complex highway and tunnel project in the nation’s history. Construction of the parks was completed in 2009.

This project explored the design of a YMCA in North End Park along the Greenway as a building that could reconnect the urban fabric that was severed by the Central Artery, while maintaining a public park in the tradition of Boston’s open space system.  Situated at the threshold of downtown Boston and the North End, the North End Park is a significant “hinge” point between the grand civic spaces of downtown and the intimacy of Boston’s oldest residential neighborhood.  The design of this athletic and cultural center as an urban mediator focused on a series of sensitive intersections: between building and site, between spaces of diverse use, and between the specific material and tectonic requirements to support the performance of each room.

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