about studioPM



Megan Panzano is the founder of studioPM LLC, a design practice invested in research and production at multiple scales.

polymath pursuit:  Pulling from the ‘periphery’ can be productive.  studioPM is committed to remaining receptive to new knowledge and design motivators, both those considered central to and at the margins of architecture. These novel inputs are prioritized as essential enduring engines of the designs and design processes of this practice across all scales of output – from architectural representation to buildings and master plans.

paradoxical matter:  Opposites [often] attract. Interested in the tension between architecture’s necessary stability and the instable contingent logics of occupation, studioPM designs often look to pattern and geometry to assemble design solutions that mediate this tension and extend discourse beyond iconicism and aesthetics to include performance. This practice aspires to develop coherent spatial wholes of many necessary parts – with components often operating on the edge, exhibiting dual behaviors – surface and space, space and system, and privacy and publicity.

in the pm:  Night owl…you get it.  studioPM owns the constant evolution of an architectural problem, sometimes [especially] in the evening hours.