Megan Panzano is Design Director of studioPM LLC, an award-winning practice addressing architectures of different scales that are progressive through their interplay of images, objects and space in the production of more inclusive, open-ended forms of subjectivity.   

Production occurs through design research and built work, often reciprocally intertwined.  In both cases, matter at the periphery of life gets unusual architectural attention.  Cultural practices and things at the margins of architecture are put in friction with its familiar elements and experimented with as a mode of reconsidering norms.  Current obsessions include spaces for unscripted play, techniques of vision and contemporary attention, and the agency of collected objects in the creation of new collectivities.  Interested in the tension between architecture’s necessary stability and the variable contingent logics of occupation, perception, and activity, the designs of this practice intend a register on the edge between identities, making space that is a renewable resource:  rarely the same experience twice.  

studioPM’s work has been published and exhibited in a variety of contexts, both domestic and international.


Current Team:  Qin Ye Chen, Elif Erez, Stephanie Lloyd, Adam Strobel

Past Team Members:  Sofia Balters, Justin Gallagher, Jihyun Ro, Julia Mercedes Roberts, Tommy Schaperkotter